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Once is not custom! Today, I take a bit of your time to explain in details this little revolution @ iStripper!

As you may know, Flash technology is not supported by Chrome anymore, which obviously had an impact on our most famous & performing tool, named the "popping models".

This is why we have developed our popping models engine in html5!


1) Anti-adblocks settings
Several measures have been taken to skirt Adblocks: our html5 script uses our new link codes domain (; it generates random folder names PLUS it benefits from a "fallback" solution so that your visitors using Adblocks will see a static (no nude) image of a beauty (Elsa Jean) inviting them to click & visit iStripper (also activated in case of technical issue with the popping on your servers)!
2) New animations
But the most important news is that now you can have several types of animations: some girls will pop from behind the taskbar as before, others will come from the right edge of the screen, some beauties will appear with a sponge and wash your screen and some others will even do swing, hanging at the top of your screen which really has a stunning visual impact! Of course we will let you select the place where you want the girls to appear!
3) Clickable zones improved
The previous version of our popping had the defect to keep the focus of the clicks, preventing visitors from clicking the banners behind our popping: it has been fully corrected!
Now, only the girl's body is clickable! Visitors can click the banner behind her, even from between her legs! It simply means less "accidental clicks" and better conv. ratios!


If you'd have to change one thing only on your iStripper promo this year, I highly recommend you to do it now! Pick up & set our HTML5 popping models, you won't regret it!

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